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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

improve your professional knowledge and skills, relationships are under stress, many friends are not required if you find one sincere on
professional focus good, have faith in your abilities, your dissatisfactions need to be controlled, expenses high an wasteful also
self confidence is high, differences of opinion to be controlled, health under pressure, don’t let psychological pressures overtake you, finances are strong to give you happiness
you may gain from unexpected sources, but be careful, too much of risk is not good, it is better to depend on your own professional strength, unexpected obstacles may also be there
health can cause upsets, especially abdominal or sexual problems may be there, proper diagnosis needed, monetary pressures may be there, some female friends or office colleagues may be helpful
day dreaming must be supported by hard work, some confusions of mind can cause upsets in career, some jealousies can also be there, protect your self from these forces
stable and auspicious period, business needs investment, financial position strong, there is no pressure for that investment
lot of efforts still required to build your career, routine issues need better planning, work pressures are there, still God is kind
lucky financial gains possible, avoid differences with boss, your efforts and focus towards life is erratic, there is scope for improvement
due to self created mistakes you are depressed, there is some backbiting on your back, weak periods are meant for prayers and to seek divine grace
plan any change or movement with care, hidden factors need to be assessed, you need to focus towards increasing your abilities, that can bring auspiciousness
financial disputes may bother you, family support is adequate but you are still worried, your knowledge needs to be improved with hard work

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