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Monday, July 30, 2007

30th July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

good period for professional and financial happiness as a result of your efforts, financial stability is also there, appearing in interview can led to success, you need to keep your spouse happy
auspicious period, you want changes even without seriously thinking about it, don’t take hasty decisions, being a lucky period you will not be wrong but still think before you take a decision
financial pressures are bothering you, psychologically uneasy period, health needs care, professional ups and downs are there, your false self confidence can cause differences of opinion also
financial stability is your strength, you are determined to make some expenses, most of it may go waste, emotional affairs may have differences
health requires treatment and expense, money is not important your well being is, marital stress needs to be handled better
despite efforts educational focus weak, constant efforts on daily basis can bring the results, remember that, luck favors only those who work hard
very auspicious period, can’t be better, marriage needs to be protected, control the anger against your spouse, have trust in each other, travels can be rewarding
very auspicious period, emotional affairs have ups and downs, why do you worry for something on which you have no control
emotional conflicts can be mentally upsetting, don’t indulge in self created mistakes, stable thinking will only bring happiness in life
you may get adequate support in your endeavors, circumstances are weak, many bitter truths are around you, other than being careful you cant do anything, have faith in God, follow the path of truth
health concerns are there, expenses may also bother you, profession is your strength, depend on your knowledge and hard work
you can gain a lot from your involvement and focus, follow that your heart says and you will be right, health upsets may cause more of psychological uneasiness

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