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Saturday, July 7, 2007

7th July Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Self confidence good, that should not lead to self created mistakes, avoid differences of opinion, by evening some expenses may bother you
your efforts are praiseworthy, your elders may not see your viewpoint, but their view point is also valid, think about it, your involvement in family should be without any doubts
your require support from others in your career, avoid conflicts of interests, don’t hesitate to borrow for essential expenses if needed
some obstacles in the morning, don’t criticize, be normal and have patience, by evening lot of auspiciousness in the form of divine blessing will be with you
stressful day, in any such situation some help is always there, in the form of divine help, you also have that in abundance, your well wishers will support you
some health concerns may be there, consider change of job, expenses Are high, luck is not favoring you, your own involvement only can benefit you
involvement towards profession during the day, by evening you will have to handle situations carefully, don’t leave things to chance, plan well
very favorable day, your focus is right, you still need patience with boss or someone who is important, financial stability is ensured
you may be stressed in the morning, your abilities are good but your efforts are lethargic, you need to change that attitude now
very positive and favorable period in the morning, you are stressed by evening on financial pressures, health is a concern, careful handling needed in career
excellent for career, your hard work will bring rewards, health concerns are there, protect your self from office politics
some concerns about money in the morning, from afternoon stable and happy especially in profession or business, your so called friends may be working against your interests

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