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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

31st July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

financial gains are indicated, they are from professional efforts and not unearned, you are having a practical view in emotions also, that is good for you
support from spouse is good, expenses can be wasteful and these are on family, many stressful issues in marriage are resolved, some more efforts will bring back happiness
health is a concern, profession stable, protect yourself from losses, your efforts are not adequate, your boss is unhappy with you for that
professional opportunities excellent, financial gains are indicated, you have all round support for you, God is kind to give you all these virtues
professional commitment is stable, you have lot of pressures on you, protect yourself from professional conflicts, that can upset you psychologically also
your obstacles are already removed, but you are still worried, rejoice now, the circumstances are happy, emotional relationships may have conflicts which are difficult to resolve
financial pressures are indicated, marriage may be under stress, generally favorable period, avoid financial disputes at all costs
gradually stability is returning now, you have been under stress and soon that pressure will be over, ups and downs in emotional relationships are there, overall there is no real setback
conflicts in relationships, that can snap past linkages, new doors will open for you, follow the principle – no arguments with boss
focus towards emotions and relationships, inherent weaknesses, stressful period, students need better focus also, stable thinking required in profession
profession stable and rewarding, health is weak and needs care, pressure and stress in marriage also, you have to be prepared to meet these pressures
auspicious period, financial disputes may be there, periodic obstacles bother you, period has ups and downs in life

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