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Saturday, July 21, 2007

21st July, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

health concerns psychological more than physical, have patience in resolving disputes, higher expenses can put you in difficulties
if thinking about marriage then take blessings of elders, don’t think of any hidden relationship, it may not help, you have lot of dissatisfactions with family
if investing in property take extra care, confirm the legal aspects like documents etc, health issues may also be upsetting, you have to take extra care for that
your efforts may not look great but they can improve your career, remember that, harsh speech can cause upsets, be careful think before you speak
generally favorable period, avoid conflicts at any cost, don’t believe in hearsay, ascertain facts yourself, financial strength is there in abundance
day of hidden obstacles and upsets, this is a brief period, everything will be alright, nothing to worry, have patience
desire for change to gain wealth is there, look at those opportunities, they can be rewarding, generally stable period, no real ups and downs, be thankful to God
health is the concern, financial pressures are also there, uneasiness in family may upset you, you need to have a lot of patience to pass through this period
professional uneasiness may be there, you may be looking fro a change, that will lead to your abilities being appreciated, change of place may also be associated with that
very lucky financial gains, also property related gains, equally high expenses may be there, students are not doing well in studies
professional efforts stable, psychologically dissatisfied with that, avoid stress in marriage, that can be upsetting, your strength is in profession, stay connected to that
very lucky period, family and home is your strength, business stability is indicated, God is kind, be thankful for whatever he has given which we did not deserve

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