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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Home family and children are the priority you may be a little uneasy, but many things are stable, that will protect you in many ways
Your hard work in studies will give you excellent rewards, these rewards will lead to your professional stability as well as financial gains, but savings are not possible as yet
Your efforts for investment in property can be fruitful, excellent period for financial prosperity, health needs care, some hurt or injury can be there, beware
Professional stress is there, but financially you are stable, confusions about any kind of change will upset you, just because finances are strong you cannot take chances with your career
High expenses bother you and keep you uneasy mentally, overall stability in life is dependent on your constant hard work, health needs lot of care, take another opinion also
Financial gains, even boss will turn supportive for you, generally stressful period, differences obstacles health concerns, all are there
Weak period, don’t take any hasty decisions, keep a lot of poise, don’t think that you are right, you can be wrong also, psychologically you have to keep a brave front
Lucky financial gains, profession is stable, but you are still under work related stress, you have to learn to take things easy, keep your routine balanced, but you have to work hard every day, you cant relax
Lot of mental pressures in your work, keep a lot of patience, stress connected with work will be there, this is also the time to prove yourself and your abilities
Pressure on you, profession is stable but you have to keep your differences under control, your own mistakes will create pressures on you, family and financial conflicts have to be controlled
Lot of mental uneasiness, stressful period in issues connected with home and family, you have to focus more towards your family, even marriage needs to be nurtured
Emotions and relationships are strong, that can you give you a lot of happiness, avoid small issues and differences protect your relationships, don’t concert into marriage so fast have patience

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