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Sunday, October 21, 2007

21st October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

You are making pointed efforts to improve the situation, this focus will help you in your career, your skills are not upto the mark, but slowly this situation will improve with your hard work
Despite some dissatisfactions and weaknesses your financial position will improve, avoid differences in your life, that is not going to help you at this stage
Stable period from commercial point of view, but there is a typical weakness also, some conflicts connected with your career can give problems, protect yourself from that
Weak period, you may be looking for a change of job, but your abilities are falling short, that is why success is not coming your way, there is a lot of confusion on your mind
Very lucky period, luck favors you in many ways, by evening however you will be uncomfortable, avoid conflicts with people who are not fair
Your efforts can bring positive results in your career, but all this is in the weak back ground, hence you have to work with a lot of focus you are unstable in your own efforts with ups and downs
Very lucky period for you, finances are especially strong, it may lead to accumulation of your wealth, don’t let confusions of your mind create uneasiness in your marriage
You are likely to make mistakes that is because your efforts are not in the right direction, for this reason your profession is also weak in this period
Emotions and bodings are on the cards, some developments towards marriage may also take place, don’t depend on luck for any professional gains
Your efforts and energy may go into resolving some disputes, whether it is family dispute or financial dispute all that needs better care
Lucky period, everything is well placed, career is stable, your emotions and relationships are rewarding, by evening you may be dissatisfied because expectations are much higher and not fair also
Excellent period, financial gains, property investment, luck favors you, all these are well placed, God is kind

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