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Saturday, October 20, 2007

20th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Profession is strong and very rewarding, financial gains are stable, your overall situation scant be better, it lot of satisfactions and contentment for you
Luck favors you in many ways, even in property investment or acquisition, psychologically a stable and happy period, in which you draw happiness from your professional stability
You are not happy in this period as obstacles bother you, luck may not favour you so much, travels should be avoided as there may be problems connected with that
Marriage needs your involvement, avoid differences that will give you happiness as well as gains, generally stable period, there is no reason for any upset
Weak period, heath is not stable, profession surfers because of that, don’t let dissatisfactions bother you, your own efforts are lethargic, protect yourself from that
You are trying to focus on your studies, but the circumstances are not favourable, there are diversions of mind, profession also continues to be weak for many such reasons
You should stay devoted to family, that will give you lot of happiness, even property related gains are indicated, happy period, your own involvement gives you all these gains
You are making of lot of efforts, that will lead to very auspicious situations, luck will start supporting you, the immediate gains will be in your profession
Financial gains for you, luck also favors you adequately, remember luck always favors the brave, but you have made many mistakes recently, hence be careful
You think about yourself in this period, that is also important at times, you are passing through a generally weak period, but this kind of positive focus always helps
Don’t be too stiff in your attitude, it can lead to loss only, even health can be there, this period therefore requires lot of patience
Financial gains are indicated, but don’t let that b wasted in conflicts, this period this therefore giving mixed indications, your expenses need to be controlled also

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