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Thursday, October 11, 2007

11th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Self efforts are on your mind, but you are dissatisfied, you are worried also psychologically, avoid conflicts with boss, it is a stressful period, learn to relax, too much of work related stress is not good for you
Your marriage needs nurturing, you are avoiding that, your emotions and relationships are also under stress, you have to choose the right path for your self
You can borrow funds which can be put profitably into business, you may be undecided about this borrowing, but I feel that it will be advantageous for you to do it, you don’t carry any risk or loss in this period
Your abilities are being questioned, you cant ignore being focused to show your skills and knowledge, that can lead to problems in your career also, work hard and work as per expectations of your boss, that will help you eventually
Excellent period, cant be better, lucky financial gains, it is a factor of pure luck supporting you, even if your efforts fall short of expectations or your knowledge fails you, you will still be happy and comfortable
Obstacles and pressures at your work place, there are many hidden obstacles, your work suffers on account of this, what to do, the only solution is to involve more, control your expenses that will also protect you
Finances are stable, but hidden expenses will upset you, partnerships can be supportive but you are worried, it is a mixed period but you have the divine blessings to support you in every way
Sudden conflicts or differences can be upsetting, but your professional strength will help you, you have to control your expenses as those may start hurting now, it is a mixed period, control confusions of mind, your knowledge supports you
If thinking of change of job then this is the time, best advantage for higher financial inflows, any kind of change is good for you now, emotions are also intense in this period
Avoid any kind of conflict connected with home family property or finances, stay calm, devote time towards work and stay focused, that is the way out in such times
Some worries for your career, but your efforts are improving, your knowledge is immense, that can support you and help you in the ling run, don’t be tense, avoid differences with spouse
Auspicious period for you, invest in property as this period is supportive, marriage needs nurturing, even business partners need careful handling

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