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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

30th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Time to make your thinking positive that will improve your performance and reduce the confusions, your constant efforts will reduce your marital stress also,
You are performing well in your career, sometimes dissatisfactions help you to work hard, that is happening with you, but you have to trust others to achieve the goodness of these times
Somewhat weak period, obstacles and expenses, but the hidden factor is that you have a lot of blessings for you, your own efforts may be lacking because of confusions, but you are protected by divine intervention
Very weak period, don’t risk the stability of your career, don’t be frustrated as it can lead to more harm, students are also under pressure, be aware of all these weaknesses, with that your positive attitude will emerge
Concerns about home family marriage are there, you wish to gain happiness from all these but differences are there, you do your duty towards that, very soon you will be out of these concerns
Obstacles connected with profession may lead to conflicts, stay focused towards your career, that will reduce the stress which you are facing, it is a period which requires constant care and hard work
You wish to gain from your knowledge, you will be able to do that, students will involve well, God will also help you in your efforts, it is a generally stable period with no upsets
Upsetting period on account of dissatisfactions, your work pressure is there, you have other commitments towards life also, family matters are demanding, you are trying to find a balance in all that
Ups and downs for concerns about marriage, reversals and repetitions, your career is stable and growing, your financial situation is also stable, confusions about your emotions will be removed soon
Family concerns, conflicts and financial dissatisfactions, don’t let all this spoil your health, don’t let conflicts cause upsets in career, this period requires lot of care and concentrations from your side
Your hard work can improve your studies, some dissatisfaction can actually help you to work hard and achieve more, take this as a positive motivation for growth
You can be uneasy in your home and family, even being away or someone being away can cause upsets this is an overall weak period for you giving worries for family and loved ones

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