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Sunday, October 14, 2007

14th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak period, many obstacles connected with change movement travel, luck does not favor you, don’t expect too much, stay calm
Obstacles connected with finances, psychological uneasiness, finances flow towards servicing of earlier loans, work hard in your studies
Pressure in marriage and profession, your focus is positive and you wish to resolve all the weaknesses, , you can achieve all this, just keep ups and downs of thinking under control
Involvement towards studies look good, objections from elders in emotional relationships, don’t have any cleverness in your mind
Your efforts are very positive, luck favors you in many ways, you have many oppositions., you have many enemies, that needs to be handled carefully
Generally favorable period, gains from spouse and partners, people support you, you gain from this support in your career, take decisions after due planning, you may have to reverse that decision
Efforts can bring excellent financial gains, professional growth is indicated, financial gains from middle of week, don’t let overwork spoil your health
Generally stable and auspicious week, profession is stable, in other areas of life there are obstacles, from middle of week professional tensions may be there
Lucky professional gains in this week, avoid being too stiff in your attitude, in relationships this is a unstable period giving ups and downs, have patience
You will gain from far off places, also your positive efforts, your efforts have made this weak period also strong and stable, I must congratulate you for that
Excellent period for financial gains and overall prosperity, invest in business, you will gain from any such investment, take benefit from these good times
You may be a little worried or tense, but this is an excellent period for you, from id week some health concerns may be there, take precautions, you will otherwise do well

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