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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

23rd October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Generally lucky period, finances stable, but you feel stuck and frustrated, there are issues which keep you tense and occupied, you are never at ease, try to bring that peace and harmony in life which is missing
Business needs financial investment, even if you feel that there are obstacles you have to move on, this effort and constant involvement will bring excellent results, that will give happiness to you, resolve mild differences in marriage
Extremely favorable period, you wish to work very hard in life, your involvement towards home family children will keep you happy and tension free, that will lead to happiness
You are depressed on account of differences with elders, but luck favors you and your loved ones, you are thinking about your children who may be away, they are alright and doing fine, students must work hard despite obstacles
Involvement with children gives excellent family bonding, gains from your efforts will be there, even though I can see that your efforts are not enough, with lesser efforts you gain so much, think what you can achieve if you improve your efforts
Marital disputes cause upsets, you will suffer psychologically unless you take lo of care and precautions, as such health is weak, tensions and conflicts can cause more health concerns
Raising loans to meet your expenses can lead to further loss, students are worried for lack of performance, but you can still do a lot, financial ups and downs will continue
Mixed period, career average, knowledge superb, finances mixed, self made mistakes high, overall well being good, for all these mixed influences you still emerge as a winner
Travels and far off linkages bother you, you are just getting uneasy, there is nothing really wrong, you are fine, professional performance needs more efforts
Weak period, travels can bring gains, luck supports you in that, overall it is an average or weak period, you are confused and direction less, that needs to be improved
Your thoughts are connected with finances and profession, lot of confusions, there are financial needs for business, I believe that there is no real need for that, God is kind and I firmly believe that for you
Good period for you, personal and professional well being ensured, luck favors you in many ways, psychologically you have to be firm and strong

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