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Monday, October 22, 2007

22nd October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried for money cheating and losses, but there is nothing really to worry, your financial position is stable, and your finances are safe, studies of students are suffering because they are also thinking of money
Your profession is strong but you wish to achieve much more, have faith in yourself and also in others, financial pressures or disputes may upset you
Sudden obstacles can cause upsets in your efforts towards studies, that can depress you also, but God is kind in many ways, your focus is not stable, there are lot of ups and downs in your thinking
Weak period, worries tensions and upsets, tensions with spouse also, it is a period which is psychologically depressing, make better efforts so that you don’t get so uneasy
Your commitment towards work is good, but differences with spouse can be there, the reasons for that are not valid, your spouse is very supportive towards you whereas you are being unfair
Weak period for you, all kinds of pressures, health concerns bother you, more than that weakness in investigations and treatment is there, financial pressures are there and will remain, cut down your expenses that is in your hands
You have to work hard to improve your knowledge, that will bring growth in your career, there are weaknesses in handling your responsibilities, address those weaknesses
Worries connected with home family and property, have faith in God, there is nothing drastically wrong, you will be able to handle all these issues well, mental tensions have to be controlled, you have to devote more time towards your career
Luck is supporting you, especially on the financial front there are many blessings for you, you are thinking about emotions, doings, relationships even marriage
Financial pressures bother you, you have to understand that Gods will is greater than your well, if in business then you may have to borrow money to fulfill your business needs, sometimes this is essential
You are worried because it is becoming a habit, there is no real reason for worries, many things are under control, financial position is stable, profession is smooth, children are doing well, don’t be worried, worries are not valid
Someone may try to cheat you, delays in fulfillment of projects or plans may bother you, but remember that some delay is always there, you cant speed up the processes of life, life takes it s own time, That is Gods will

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