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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

16th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Don’t let disputes spoil your marriage, ups and downs of thinking will not prove beneficial, your efforts must be stable and consistent, only that will bring peace and prosperity to you in this period
You are thinking about money, you can even create disputes for that, students are not performing well, they seem to be too confused
Generally favorable period, you have the qualities and abilities, but you must have a positive attitude, professional uneasiness can lead to disputes, look at the goodness of life, leave everything else to God
Travels of change of place is indicated, but you may change your plans later, luck is with you, hence don’t worry, just depend on your knowledge and skills, that needs improvement also
Your financial position is strong, that is a good indication, commitment towards work is excellent, don’t have tensions in family, you have nothing really to worry
Gains from business are good, some ups and downs in profits are always there, don’t be concerned for that, your efforts can improve your career further, don’t have any kind of uneasiness as it is not required
Don’t bring about any changes without proper planning, mixed influences for your monetary gains, there may be gains and also losses, happiness and sadness, all are there, keep your head on your shoulders firm and don’t be depressed
Weak period, routine obstacles, high expenses, self created mistakes, can you really do anything, I feel nothing, you can just have patience, and also have faith in God
Gains from career and business, don’t look for a change, you may be keen for that but you have to take all factors into consideration, don’t decide with your heart but with your head
Favorable period for business but avoid differences, if you want to raise funds by loans or borrowing, then this is the time to do so
Despite pressures your luck will favor you, it is basically your own knowledge and hard work which is giving results, it is not right to give credit to your luck
Family and marriage needs lot of care and nurturing, you are ignoring that, that can cause upsets, even upsets in profession can be there, hence you have to move one step at a time

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