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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2nd October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

New enthusiasm grips you to work hard and move ahead, you are dissatisfied about monetary inflows, but this is the not the right attitude, let there be a positive outlook to this, you have the abilities and you can achieve much more
You will gain from your partners, but remember that they are responsible for your higher outflows also, it is a necessary evil, you can’t do without them, family linkages remain strong
Gain of money is stable, but there is a cost to this advantage, you are gaining all this at the cost of your health, that is to be avoided, your focus towards children will bring good results
Thoughts for change of job are getting stronger, but your knowledge and abilities are being questioned, you are not concentrating well, have a balanced view in life, don’t take hasty decisions
Very favorable period, lucky financial inflows, you are still not satisfied, this mindset causes pressures on you, this can also lead to health concerns, some care is needed
There are sudden and hidden obstacles in your profession, these may bother you but you may not understand the intensity of it, immediate outcome will be confusions disputes and problems, try to understand this situation
You may be uneasy in the morning, the day progresses to be beneficial for you, you will get lucky financial gains, support from spouse will be there, if you are in politics then you will gain the most
Very weak period, protect yourself from hurt or injury, family worries are also there, this can be worries for elders in the family, all this can lead to high outflows also
Your thoughts are strong for emotions and relationships, it can give you happiness, mentally you are under pressure, you wish to understand as to what is right for you, that is very important
Issues connected with family and finances may turn into disputes, that can be very upsetting mentally, don’t create any dispute from your side, be calm, have faith in God, and do the right, don’t indulge in any cleverness
Your hard work will bring excellent professional gains, your abilities will be recognized and appreciated, that will give you happiness and a sense of achievement
Very auspicious period for financial gains, luck is on your side, you will be focused towards family, but friends may betray you

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