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Sunday, October 7, 2007

7th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Generally favorable week for you, during mid week some health related concerns may be there, otherwise this week has overall happiness with family and loved ones, end of week may require efforts to improve relations with spouse
Overall happiness ensured, profession continues to be stable, some health concerns towards end of the week, there may be stress for arranging funds which you require
Focus towards family and children will be high, that will bring happiness also, professional conflicts need to be handled towards the end of the week, financial stability is there
Very favorable week, towards the end of the week some decisions need to be taken, place of stay and career, some decisions about them are required, be careful you may have to change your stand later
Some stress connected with profession in the beginning of the week, but your involvement is good and your hard work will protect you, that is the indication of the stars, your financial position will remain stable and that will give you happiness
Somewhat stressful period, beginning of the week brings tensions connected with finances, mid week brings tensions for profession, take care, this situation is likely to improve very fast
First half of the week may be stressful, financial pressures bother you, thereafter lot of improvement and all your needs are met, prosperity and happiness in family is indicated
Stressful week, keep a lot of patience, bad times do not last for long, there is nothing which is drastically wrong, but you have to moderate your attitude
Stable week for prosperity and well-being, God is kind and many things are under control, profession and finances are particularly stable, don’t have any worries
Worries in the beginning of the week, then you become busy in your profession that angle becomes very strong soon, these worries will be over, wait for the good times
First half of week brings obstacles and instability, but your career is your strength, remain focused towards that, and you will have nothing to fear
Weak period, worries and tensions, you have too much to do and tensions of overwork are there, next week will be better

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