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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent financial gains, that motivates you to work hard and achieve more, but your knowledge is failing you now, it is not enough, you are no focused enough, change that and your success can reach the skies
Home and family are the areas of concern, profession is stable, worries for any possible change, generally stable period but you are not satisfied
Financial stability is ensured, travels are indicated, some hidden obstacles can be there, you have to plan properly, otherwise upsets can be there, marital tensions have to be controlled
Some obstacles for raising loans or getting funds, your financial position is generally stable, despite problems your needs will be met, hence don’t be uneasy for that, control your emotional conflicts
You are slowly getting lethargic in your efforts, look at your strengths, your profession is stable, you may get gains from property, financial position has ups and downs but it is not bad, students must work hard
Stressful period, travels or movement may give worries, relationships may become weak, have trust in your relationships, all this needs your involvement
You are dissatisfied but I feel that the period is stable, you can borrow money for some of your financial needs, there is no harm in that, financial pressures need to be controlled by proper planning
You are worried for change or movement, any change connected with profession needs careful thought, any decision connected with career can go wrong, you have to be careful
Profession stable and happy, financial prosperity is good, long term prospects are also stable, God is kind, don’t have thoughts of indecision on your mind
Weak period, tensions and stress, these are mostly made up in the mind but still a period requiring care, financial matters are causing stress, don’t be confused, stay focused
Stable period for career and fianc├ęs, any change of place of residence can be upsetting, think again before taking any decision, boss may be against you in a hidden way
Profession or business is stable, but you have worries for professional gains, you have to repay your loans also that bothers you, your funds may be under pressure but your assets have good value, don’t worry, everything will be alright

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