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Monday, October 15, 2007

15th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent financial gains, but you are depressed, your worries are connected with movement or travels, you think that luck is not supporting you, it is your extreme of thinking, you have to keep a lot of patience
Profession is stable, have faith in your own abilities, no one can cheat you, take that thought out of your mind, avoid differences with spouse, then you will be happy
Tensions differences and obstacles are there, but luck supports you in every way, health concerns may bother you, that can keep you depressed also, there are lots of confusions on your mind which need to be removed
You are worried for your finances, but all your needs will be met, your studies are suffering, you have to improve your focus towards that, that effort will make your destiny
Health issues require care, there are issues connected with physical health as well as mental health, lack of diagnosis or lack of care both can cause problems, don’t ignore this, avoid differences with spouse or partners
Overall period in which students of this rashi will have to make extra efforts, this must be kept in mind, financial position may keep you under tension, career also needs lot of hard work in this period
Best indication is for you focused involvement, but you are dissatisfied with your career, worries connected with health condition are there, if you work hard in your profession then dissatisfactions will be removed fast
Efforts towards work can bring excellent results, you may also consider some changes in life, generally you are unhappy with no real reason, change this mentality
Efforts can bring you lot of good luck, you are very dissatisfied even depressed, most of these worried are made up in the mind, your friends are sincere and supportive
Weak period, financial pressures, you are not making enough efforts, that weakens the period further, career is average, students need to work hard
Changes in life can bring lot of auspiciousness, profession is stable, but you are not satisfied, you wish to achieve much more, being depressed will not help at all
very weak period, health problems, also obstacles, financial disputes must be avoided, it can lead to further loss, don’t be depressed, have faith in god

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