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Friday, October 5, 2007

5th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very happy and stable period for you, professional gains and prosperity is indicated, family happiness is intact, you are focusing on children well but they are not realizing the importance of time
Your thoughts are in the right direction, this will give you further strength in your career, gain from these good times, best indication connected with family happiness
Stressful period, certain obstacles are there which will lead to expenses,, children are doing well and working hard, that is a source of happiness, for this reason your focus towards children s also positive
You are forceful but it is a period of stress, sudden obstacle and differences are there, in your own forcefulness you are ignoring your family and children, this has to be controlled
Health concerns can be there, they bother you mentally more than physically, avoid disputes which may harm you personally or professionally, you are dissatisfied because of all this
Thoughts about money and earning is so strong that you are not thinking anything else, even you are ignoring your children and relationships, that is not proper, that can lead to conflicts
Professional focus is excellent, overall well being is good, you are likely to gain from all these forces, some expenses can be wasteful, but your inflows are stable and nothing will bother you
Luck favors you, your profession is stable and happy, everything is stable except your expenses, they are confused and uneasy, your property and family needs better focus, you need to devote time and energy for that
Mentally uneasy period but generally stable, improve your efforts and hard work, that can make your destiny, remember that, you are aware of all that but you become periodically uneasy and forget these important things in life
You are worried for some money which is stuck, but you are yourself responsible for that, it is a weak period which requires a lot of patience
Some essential expenses towards home family or property are there, but you are not comfortable about them, as such you are passing through uneasy period, avoid thoughts of dissatisfactions of mind
There can be problems in your relationships, there can also be expenses which are wasteful, there can be some sudden upsets, overall it is an average period don’t expect any miracles, be calm

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