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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You feel uneasy and frustrated, some disputes are resurfacing which had been partly resolved earlier, any change is full of obstacles, even elders may be against you, you have to keep a lot of patience
Marriage or relationship may be under stress, your entire thinking is focused on that, money is the linking factor, children can step in to prevent stress in your marriage
Home and family issues resurface, any financial matter which is in dispute can give you gains, family disputes need to be controlled, that can upset you and take away your time and energy
Luck is supporting you in many ways, but it may still cause anxieties in your career, your inclinations towards spirituality will keep you calm and peaceful, students need to focus better as you are losing precious time
Financial issues are favorable, some uneasiness of the past will be resolved with discussion and compromise, emotional issues still have differences and inbuilt oppositions, those need your greater care
Your career is stable, you have learnt the importance of hard work, that will protect your from obstacles also, if obstacles are main under control then there is no harm
You are trying to gain money by your efforts, even by your dependence on luck, but all that will lead to sudden losses for you, hence b very careful, don’t depend on luck, don’t speculate, don’t enter into any risky venture
You are continuing to be stressed and uneasy, but your focus is keeping you busy in terms of your hard work, your knowledge and desire to improve knowledge gives you gains in many ways, that is your strength
Going away from home bothers you, but that is also essential, you can’t avoid that, your thinking is on the right track and you need not worry, God will take care of many things
Many worries, many tensions, many problems, these ups and downs will keep you uneasy, luck is supportive, but you have to devote more time towards your career, your hard work will protect your from these weaknesses, that will give you gains also
Despite your focus towards relationships ups and downs keep on bothering you, this is not the time to think about that, this time is best for you to focus towards your profession or business, you can gain from these forces
Excellent period for you, your profession is stable, your family happiness is there because you are trying to involve well, God is kind in many ways; this is a lucky period for you

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