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Thursday, October 18, 2007

18th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your emotions are strong and you want to convert into marriage, but there is something which is not proper in this relationship, please look into that, don’t go through a path which may not be proper
Boss is not only against you but he be unfair also, uska vyavhar nyay sangat na ho, nishpaksh na ho, he may be afraid of your abilities, psychologically you are not happy, if health is the concern then don’t ignore it
Change or travels are on the mind, these may have some connection with the emotions or your marriage, but avoid travels, there may be hidden obstacles in them
Gain of money and investment of money is indicated, even gains from property may be there, if you have to raise some loan then that can also be profitable, you money flows into financial assets also
Your hard work can give excellent professional stability, past professional conflicts are now over, now move ahead for growth in career, you must also improve your processional knowledge also
Good times should not be wasted, , financial gains should not be destroyed in losses, don’t indulge in gambling or any risky venture, that may lead to financial loss
Very positive period, commitment and hard work will give you financial gains, your friends may not be supportive even though you think so much for them, sudden obstacles may be there and hence be careful
Professional upsets can be there, be careful, it is weak period, don’t take chances, be firm committed an focused towards work, these are largely self created mistakes
Period of lucky financial gains, some revival of past emotion can be there, generally stable and happy period, boss may be unfair in his approach
Despite weak period you are focused and you wish to achieve much more, your abilities can come to your rescue at this stage, there may be ups and downs in luck favoring you, just don’t worry, God is kind
Excellent period, some changes connected with career can be rewarding, career is your strength in this period, avoid conflicts with spouse
Weak period, obstacles and conflicts, career continues to be stable, health concerns especially connected with stomach needs care, change your life style and be active

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