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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

3rd October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are doing well in life, your efforts are in the right direction, but you are dissatisfied and uneasy, your finances are stable, your home and family is happy but you still dissatisfied, this has no solution
You wish to achieve much more but you feel that there are intrigues against you for your growth, there can be some internal politics for which you have to protect yourself, but no one will be able to harm you in any way
Your financial position is strong, your personal well being is good, but your still blame your fate for everything, change that attitude, there is nothing wrong, your own abilities need to be improved
Weak period, confusions and uneasiness can lead to losses, even you can make a mistake connected with your career, don’t let uneasiness be heavy on your mind
Family and marital issues need to be handled carefully, if you are looking for financial gains out of these issues then keep lot of patience, ascertain facts before taking any decision
Professional matters are becoming tense and uneasy, lot of worries on your mind, some obstacles are also there, try to avoid disputes, that can lead to your loss only, if in business then invest after proper planning
You have the ability and you have the knowledge, then why do you have self doubts, portray self confidence then you will be able to gain form your strengths, it is a very favorable period, benefit from it, don’t let it slip out of your hands
Uneasiness connected with home family and property, lot of care is needed, don’t be tense, things will be alright, you wont lose under any situation, it is a weak period, have some patience
This period clearly suggests that you have to work hard, dissatisfactions in life especially connected with home family or marriage, your strength lies in your career, focus on that, leave other things for a while, that will be good for you
You need to control two things, first is your professional disputes and differences, second is your financial dissatisfactions, you may wish to achieve everything in life but there is a proper time for that, let that come, have patience
Focus towards studies is good, but diversions of mind are not letting smooth of life take shape, these are largely factors or issues made up in the mind, it has less of reality
Issues connected with your home or place of residence bother you, if considering any change of place then take proper care, find out the best path for you, think carefully and only then take the decision,

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