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Saturday, October 6, 2007

6th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You need to focus towards your home and family, even some conflicts need to be resolved now, these may be small issues but it is better to control them
You are thinking about some money or funds which are under conflicts, emotions and relationships also need to be nurtured if you wish to avoid any upsets
Very favorable and happy period, financial situation is strong, family is supportive, all kinds of gains are indicated, you can convert some inflows into savings and financial assets or investments
Travels or change of place is on your mind, you are very forceful in your thoughts, you are too determined in your mind as if you have already taken the decision, generally favorable period, but there are confusions and uneasiness in career
Financial position is stable, you wish to spend on travels, these expenses can be on pleasures also, it is a happy period and there is nothing to worry
Very strong period, good for money, business gains are there despite obstacles in profession, this period is good for financial gains as well, you need to focus better towards your career
Very lucky period, you may get some promotion with gains, it can also lead to transfer, expenses can also go up, the overall influence is lucky and favorable
Mixed period, financial pressures, obstacles are also there, professional pressure is very high, on the positive side you are passing through a very lucky period, stress and pressures is the price for growth and prosperity
You may be tense but your thinking is in the positive direction, you are likely to gain from all these thoughts - profession marriage or business partnerships
Very favorable for professional prosperity but avoid differences of any kind, your marriage is important understand that, because eventually it is the happiness and harmony which is important in life
Students are studying well, but overall and routine obstacles wills till b there, personal well being is ensured and the is nothing negative., but psychologically you need to be more in control of your ups and downs of thinking
Family and marital pressures will continue, you are focusing on your business or career and ignoring the family and personal well being, a balance is required if you wish to have happiness in life

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