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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You have to perform to establish yourself in life, you have to study well, leave your confusions, only then you will settle well in life, you have the opportunity now to achieve all that
Good times continue, as stage has come that from professional excellence you gain financially, that is the next step in that path of growth, increase all this with your focus towards your family values
Your worries are connected with obstacles in career, planetary influence tells that you have to work hard now, you know that already and you will gain from this knowledge further
Weak period, there are hidden obstacles, but you have false self confidence, avoid that, understand the weaknesses, and try to resolve them, luck favors you and helps you in your efforts
You are worried, you are not giving your best towards your life, there are lot of deficiencies, but you have the blessings to make this period smooth efforts
Emotions and relationships may not give you happiness, there are hidden upsets, you have to work for your marriage, give the best of your love and care to your partner, that is needed
Love emotions and relationships are under stress, mild differences in thoughts are psychologically upsetting, but your focus towards life is excellent, you deserve lot of blessing sin life and you have them in abundance
Your hard work will give excellent professional gains, there can be steep rise in your fame and fortunes, you have a very positive attitude towards life
Love and care for family will bring excellent results in life, that will give you happiness above all, it will open up avenues for you in your life, this is also an excellent period for your financial gains
Weak period, financial pressures, dissatisfactions, you have been making aloft of efforts to improve this situation, but this will take time, look at the small gains and day to day happiness in life, forget big achievements
God is kind in many ways, even where upsets are there, you have protection and blessings, don’t let distrust appear for your partner
Don’t try to create dispute form your side, this will harm you only, small disputes can become big time and long drawn battles avoid and resolve whatever you can, that is better

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