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Monday, October 29, 2007

29th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Travels change or opportunities can come your way, your thinking focused for that, avoid confusions of mind, financial confusions or dissatisfactions will not help you
Change may not be favorable, even if there is motivation for any such change or financial rewards are promised, promises are made to be broken, financial promises will lead to disputes, avoid expenses those can be wasteful
Movement or travels connected with studies can be thought of, your efforts are not adequate, you can raise money by loans that will help you to fulfill your desires
Whether it is anything to do with professional change or financial risk both ways you can come under pressure, avoid that, have patience, change of residence is also not recommended, unless you have given it a proper and careful thought
Professional and financial gains are indicated, but your efforts are weak, you must do better and achieve better, your family is very supportive, they expect a lot from you, you have to fulfill their dreams
Very weak period, unexpected obstacles and pressures on you, your thinking is not focused, you have lot so ups and downs of mind and that is a negativity, on top of it you are being too rigid thinking that you are right
Fiancnail pressures are not there but you think otherwise, you think that the pressures cant be resolved, it is not that, God is kind, you can achieve a lot in life hence have faith in God
Health concerns can cause upsets in life, do something about that and don’t neglect this, understand this importance only then you will be able to resolve this situation, profession is weak and in this period you have all kinds of pressures
You may be keen to think of change of job, but you have emotions on your mind to give you favorable thoughts for marriage also, God is kind in many ways, you must take major decision of life only by December 2007
Family and financial pressures can lead to conflicts, you have a weak situation at your hand, that needs to be resolved, dissatisfactions of mind can compound the problems further, you can depend on your friends for support
Very favorable period for career advancement, your hard work will help you to prove yourself and your abilities, your abilities will be recognized and appreciated, avoid family disputes, take loan for investment if needed
Very auspicious period for property investment, luck favors you, family happiness is to be maintained with care and patience, don’t let differences in marriage spoil the harmony of life

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