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Saturday, October 13, 2007

13th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Confusions and dissatisfactions about money are not valid, you are financially stable and there is nothing to worry, change your mindset, look at the positive side of life, see what all God has given you
If you think that you must grow then you must work hard, dissatisfactions will not help, uneasiness can spoil your health, your abilities are getting weak with this thinking, your profession is stable and there is nothing to worry
Luck may not be supportive but your knowledge will help you immensely, study well, and that will improve your attitude towards life, emotional inclinations have inherent weaknesses
Weak period, conflicts in home and family bother you, you may not be happy with the place of stay also where you live, you can resolve all these issues one by one but you have to devote time and energy
Spouse is very supportive and caring, but you are dissatisfied, avoid needless conflicts, that is not going to bring happiness in life, look at the positive side of life, you have achieved more than what you deserved, God has been kind
Financial pressures are there, two reasons, one – you have mental uneasiness, two – your expenses are wasteful, priority is your career, money will come and go, but long term focus should be right
You wish to achieve so much more for your children, also from your own knowledge, but you are not doing enough for that, you are only thinking, and you think more than what is required, avoid differences with friends
You are uneasy about home family and responsibilities, even [property matters need better handling, you are postponing many important issues, don’t do that, attend to these things first
Your efforts are reducing, you are not sure as to what is the right path, don’t worry, everything is alright, just have faith in your self and do your duty, leave the rest to God
You are not happy with financial rewards that is why you are ignoring involvement towards work, that can lead to more harm, these ups and downs of your involvement can be harmful
Stable period, but you are not appreciating this, that is the reasons that you are not getting full benefit of this strong period, this thinking needs to be improved, that will lead to better accomplishments for you
Weak period, there can be wastages, conflicts, health issues, you have to pray in weak periods, you have to pray in strong periods also but prayers in weak period give you mental strength

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