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Friday, October 19, 2007

19th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

In your emotions and relationships you are not fair, or you expect too much which is not possible to achieve, students are also not having a proper focus, if in career then hard work in professional studies will bring good results
Family related disputes can upset you, handle these situations with a lot of care, by evening some of these issues will be resolved, financial disputes have to be avoided, protect your relationships
You are now getting worried for your studies, your efforts have been insufficient and now time is short, still improve your mental focus, time waits for no one, getting depressed will not help
Your financial needs are increasing, if you have planned for investment in property then you have to pay that money also, these are the pressures which you are facing, you can depend on your partner well-wishers and friends
You are becoming very lethargic, day dreaming will not give anything, you have to convert these dreams into reality, that is not happening from your side in this period
Strange situations for you, whatever you earn is spent or lost, nothing is retained by you, many forces are working in this regard, overall this is a stressful period which needs lot of patience
Lot of stress on you, mainly for financial reasons, your expenses Are high, some financial conflicts may also be there, you are trying to involve well, but still lot of ups and downs are there
Your efforts have become very weak, you are not interested, there can be many reasons for that, you are extremely tired, you have been very busy in the past, doesn’t matter, relax for a while
Your financial position is stable, but you are not fully satisfied, overall situation is not only stable but happy also, you have to ignore small things in life and move on
Profession stable, boss not against you but a little critical and uneasy, you still cant trust many people around you, your tensions in the morning will be resolved by afternoon
Avoid conflicts with spouse or partner, not proper to have conflicts which are not based on logical reasoning, some health concerns bother you, clear all doubts connected with any health ailment
Avoid any government related problem, it may go against you, don’t do anything which is illegal, otherwise you may face problems

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