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Thursday, October 4, 2007

4th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Certain obstacles in your life can be overcome by your won hard work only, you are very focused towards that, if obstacles connected with home and family then you must take immediate steps to resolve them
Monetary issues are heavy on your mind, finances need to be handled carefully, let there be no differences, if differences in finances then greater need for careful planning in business investments, this will protect your losses
Financial gains are ensured, don’t hesitate to borrow if you need funds for business or otherwise, by doing so you will improve your future profits, this is a strong and positive period for that
You wish to make major changes in your career or for your children, you are very forcefully thinking about it, think about all options before taking any stiff attitude, you must take an informed decision
Very favorable period for your well being and happiness, lucky period for financial gains, even gains from far off places can be there, your friends can be calculative but you can still depend on them
Business profits are stable, routine obstacles are also there which bother you, it is period of financial pressures, hence you have to make extra efforts for your work
Very lucky period, happiness form home family and children is ensured, a little more effort can improve your professional situation further
Patience is the key word for you, your own aggressiveness can bring upsets for you, have faith in God, accept certain facts of life, don’t feel agitated
You are thinking about someone who is away, there can be an emotional angle to this also, if you are serious about it then why don’t you convert it into a long lasting bond
Concerns about family and financial matters, both need care, avoid disputes, that will not help, overall a stressful period, be calm, even with your boss you should avoid conflicts
Success lies in understanding one fact, you must improve your abilities, improve your knowledge, make your self suitable for this world, be practical, that is what you should do
Property investment can prove to be very lucky, procedural problems can be there, these can be resolved slowly, overall lucky period, many issues are being resolved slowly, God is kind and supportive

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