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Monday, October 8, 2007

8th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are doing well, emotions are under pressure, avoid differences, stay focused, don’t let any diversion of mind spoil relationships, give due importance to your studies, professional studies can improve your career further
Family happiness is ensured, it is a happy period, focus towards family is good, conflicts connected with finances, emotional upsets need to be controlled, you may be uneasy in your relationships
Travels are indicated, there can be hidden obstacles connected with them, expenses high and that bothers you, don’t have anything hidden in emotional relationships
Financial gains are indicated, gains from property also possible, shed dissatisfactions about your finances, getting uneasy or upset will not help, try to have satisfaction, only then you will draw happiness form work
You can really work hard now, your focus toward will be positive, avoid any kind of conflicts especially psychological uneasiness of mind, only then you gain form these forces
You are worried for financial losses, your outflows are towards pleasures that is a kind of loss only, have proper planning in your financial matters, only then your problems will be resolved
Positive period of you, you may even gain from risky ventures but you have to be careful, protect your self form cheating, but no one can cause any intrigue against you
You may have changes in your life for monetary gains, you have to understand that expenses are rising, don’t look for short term gains in life, money may come and go, but you knowledge will support you always
Good period for financial gains, don’t create any dispute, be aware of the facts first, don’t be too tense, whatever is happening is in your own interest
You are worried for your career, your own knowledge is lacking you have to meet your targets, you have to come upto the expectations of others, all these weakness have to be addressed
Very lucky period there is nothing to worry, have faith in others, no one can cheat you because luck is on your side, you however feel that others may try to harm you
Generally weak period, harm has already been caused, you have enemies around you, try to protect yourself as much as you can, sudden losses obstacles and upsets may be there

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