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Saturday, October 27, 2007

27th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Emotional inclinations, marriage under stress, differences in family, (Don’t) take any hasty decision for love marriage, don’t let unfair thoughts spoil your thinking (do) protect your marriage, avoid confusions
Family conflicts indicated, even emotional conflicts are there causing psychological uneasiness (don’t) let any conflicts spoil the happiness of marriage, avoid dissatisfactions connected with career, (do) take care of health keep yourself mentally happy
Efforts weak, even studies are suffering, your focus is erratic, ups and downs in thinking, relationships are under stress, financial stability is ensured (don’t) depend on relations or friends don’t be lethargic, (do) increase your hard work, avoid ups and downs of thinking
Investment in property is possible concerns about profession, happiness and gains from family and property (don’t) take hasty decisions, don’t risk your money without proper planning, (do) increase focus towards your career, commit any expense with proper planning
Your are trying to involve well towards life is good, but there are still weaknesses from your side, understand these deficiencies only then you will be able to improve your efforts, financial position is stable (don’t) get into conflicts without proper and clear knowledge (do) improve your efforts, being lethargic will not help,
Weak period for finances and wealth, expenses are high and unplanned, luck is not favoring you, (don’t) get into conflicts, don’t be psychologically uneasy, (do) take care of health, protect your self form obstacles and oppositions in career
Dissatisfied with monetary inflows, but there is no real reason for that, lot of ups and downs in life, (don’t) think too much about money, it is not required, luck supports you hence don’t be worried (do) stay focused towards your knowledge, students should work hard, that will give you success
Professionally uneasy, boss or someone important may be adverse in this thinking, career is under pressure and stress (don’t) be uneasy, don’t let confusions of mind spoil the focus of your hard work, (do) avoid differences of opinion, work hard in your job
Abilities are under pressure, you can make self made mistakes, luck may not favor you as much but profession and finances are stable (don’t) have any emotional involvement without proper thinking, (do) financial gains are good, make efforts to improve them
Pressure in profession, boss may be totally unfair, but luck supports you, career needs a lot of care and protection (don’t) be too stiff in your attitude, (do) have trust in your self and in others
You are trying to involve towards family and marriage, don’t be psychologically uneasy, there is no need for that, protect your marriage (don’t) be psychologically uneasy, the is no need for that, (do) make a lot of focused effort towards career, that is your strength in this time
Health concerns, marriage also under stress, if you wish to invest in property then there may be problems in arranging funds for that (don’t) ignore your health (do) stay focused towards your profession

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