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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are worried for time being wasted, you are confused and nothing is being achieved, arms of the clock keep on ticking, you can’t hold the time, you have to change your own pace of working
Routine conflicts bother you, despite your hard work you are not able to protect yourself from this, if there are differences with spouse then be more understanding towards her, have patience with financial matters also
Very favorable period for financial inflows, you can think of investments also, beware of any kind of dispute, this includes professional disputes and family disputes both, boss will be very helpful
Weak period in profession motivates you to work hard, this will bring improvement in circumstances, your boss will appreciate your efforts, you must try to gain from these indications
Good financial gains indicated, you are not thinking of anything else except money, you can gain from your relationships and friendships, have a balanced view in life
Expenses bother you, you are not taking care and you are wasting your time also, all that needs planning, profession needs hard work, that will remove obstacles
All matters connected with change needs to be assessed properly, that will lead to unexpected outflows and expenses, shed confusions of mind especially for children and money
Very auspicious period, career and professional gains, all are there for you, you are your self-responsible for weakness and mistakes, you are trying to move against the forces of planets that can harm you
Very stable and lucky period, try to push for your career growth, it may seem difficult, but it is possible, you make your efforts, leave rest to God
Average slow improvement is now happening, boss is turning favorable, he may still have differences with you, but luck favors you now, you need to study better
Weak period, oppositions and obstacles are there, keep your self calm mentally, as that can be a distressing factor, getting agitated will not help and never helps in life
Health concerns, disputes an conflicts, all these can bother you, if having any infections or fever then take proper treatment have patience don’t be upset with routine matters

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