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Friday, October 26, 2007

26th October 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not happy with your career and finances, you are not involving well, there is weakness in your abilities, (don’t) let this uneasiness spoil your thinking (do) work hard, improve your knowledge, have faith in your abilities
Your family needs you and you are focused towards them, your career is stable but try to find happiness in all these blessings of God (don’t) create any dispute in family (do) involve more in your family listen to them, spend time with them
Your efforts and involvement towards life is less than optimal, that can lead to real weaknesses (don’t) be lethargic, (do) have faith in your self, put efforts in your studies, that will give you the right perspective towards life
Finances are weak, your money is needed for family and home, don’t be upset, this is nothing but mental worry, there can be obstacles but they will be resolved soon (don’t) panic, don’t be uneasy with your profession, (do) be happy that your family is supportive and helpful
Luck favors you but you are still not satisfied, it is made up in the mind, ups and downs in travels, (don’t) think that someone is trying to cheat you, (do) plan your travels if you have to undertake those travels
Uneasy period, obstacles and upsets, health concerns, even wasteful expenses, (don’t) be mentally disturbed, you are thinking too much, (do)improve your financial planning, you are not giving due importance to that
Financial pressures are there, accumulated finances support you, inflows may be under stress, your hard work gives you satisfaction, (don’t) let financial matters upset you, (do) support your spouse he/she may be concerned about you
Your are mentally uneasy about your career, our long term focus is right, hence don’t be worried by day to day ups and downs, (don’t) be too uneasy, it is not required, (do) take care of your health, take proper treatment
Your studies are suffering, you wish to do so much more, but uneasiness of mind is not letting you achieve your full potential, (don’t) let emotions rule over your head, (do) pray and devote time to meditation, this is a weak area for you
Your concerns about home and family are valid, disputes upsets and problems may be there, (don’t) panic, have faith in God, weak period s come and go (do) try to resolve the issues or concerns one by one, taking one step at a time
Protect the warmth of your marriage, you are dissatisfied and that is causing more upsets, (don’t) let any conflicts spoil the stability of your life (do)have a positive outlook towards life, that will help you
Conflicts and concerns need to be controlled, lot of peace is required, health is weak, any concerns about bones or skin needs care, (don’t) ignore your health (do) see and appreciate the other point of view in business partnerships

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