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Saturday, November 10, 2007

10th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are thinking of major changes which may not happen, there may be obstacles in that path, despite confusions and dissatisfactions your hard work will pay you, obstacles are likely to be removed soon
Good period for financial gains, differences with spouse, relationships under stress, you are trying a lot for that, but you are not happy with the developments
Stable period, some minor differences at work place, they are not new, they have been there, then why give so much importance to that, business partners need careful handling
Very lucky period to give you happiness, gain of knowledge well indicated, health is weak don’t take too much stress, family issues are under control
Studies are progressing well, but financial pressures on family, financial gains not important, family happiness is, gains at the cost family happiness is not advisable
Very stable period, your attitude towards life has made all the difference, your friends can help you in business, take that help
Financial conflicts may be there, these will prove to be beneficial for you, luck favors you in this effort, you are keen to spend on luxuries
Very auspicious period, profession weak and you are uneasy, but many factors support you, your knowledge is one great force which is on your side
Self-made mistakes can bother you, don’t take any harsh decision, stay cool, remember that you need to work hard, everything else can wait
Travels may give you gains, professional stability is ensured, don’t enter into any arguments, listen to others, that will protect you from hidden problems
Financial gains and business gains, investment in business is recommended, don’t let routine issues bother you, they will come and go, be happy for the goodness which this period has given you
Excellent period for business sand profession, you are in a very lucky phase of life, tensions for business partnerships, even marriage needs better care

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