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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very weak situation for emotions, conflicts problems ups and downs, not a stable period, wait for the outcome of your efforts, don’t push your self too much, have a lot of patience
Focus towards emotional affairs strong, but situation is not supportive, family problems need better handling, even property matters need your involvement, these are the weak areas, but you also have lot of strengths, profession is strong
Efforts towards studies are weak, still this period is shaping up well, even weak efforts can give results provided they are made on regular basis, you have understood the importance of this reality
Stressful period for investment in prosperity, but these are committed expenses, even business expenses can be stressful, by evening your hard work will produce results
Weak period, I am calling it only weak and not bad, your efforts will give only average results, your own laziness is not looking good, that is the cause of many troubles,
Financial strength appears, professional stress will continue for a while, your studies are suffering, you are not even realizing this fact
Take lot of care otherwise stress and upsets can emerge in your career, you job may even be threatened, if you worship Goddess Durga in his period then there will be protection
Be careful with anything to do with your profession, it can have adverse implications, by evening luck will support you, it will protect you in many ways, have lot of patience
Generally stable period in many ways, but don’t depend on luck, depend on your knowledge efforts even on your financial strength, career is stable and rewarding in many ways
Mixed influences, morning is stressful, by afternoon many issues will be resolved, basically professional stress is there in the morning, which requires care and precautions
Very weak period of health and psychological uneasiness, marriage is under stress, all kinds of pressures, profession is somewhat stable, but there also confusions are building up, routine matters are stressful
Health concerns and emotional concerns, all kinds of pressures on you, your career is stable, that is keeping you happy, you need to protect your partnerships even marriage

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