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Sunday, November 25, 2007

25th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Gains from property, happiness from family, all kinds of prosperity, changes and developments are very lucky, this is an auspicious period, career is stable, but relationships need care
Self confidence is high, that will lead to achievements in life, your efforts are very focused, but financial pressures will be there, devote time towards emotional relationships
Financial pressures can be there, overindulgence in food and eating habits have to be controlled, as health issues may bother you, you wish to work hard to improve your knowledge, that will help you in the long run
You wish to earn more and you are working for that, still savings are not there because obstacles are there, you have lot of self-confidence but don’t be rigid in your attitude, that can hurt others
You want to establish your career, for that you are trying changes and alternatives, you are a bit confused and uneasy, any change can be helpful but avoid differences, don’t doubt intensions of others
Luck favors you immensely, even financial gains are there in a lucky manner, your profession requires a lot of work, sudden obstacles can bother you, students are not focused, that will lead to loss of precious time
Profession is stable, still you are under pressure, you wish to do and achieve much more, you have the ability, then why get dissatisfied, luck supports you and your efforts are also positive
Very lucky period, professional commitment is excellent, your thoughts are pointed, spouse is supportive, but he or she may spend than what you like
Very stable and auspicious period, your directions is right, your thoughts and views are stable, nothing can be better than that, it is a kind of divine blessing, you have entered a stable period now, this will start giving you fulfillment of your desires
Emotions are strong, that will give you happiness also, there are no hidden obstacles in them, even career is stable, you will be happy with all this goodness attached to you
Family conflicts can bother you, avoid all kinds of differences, try to be happy and appreciate the other person’s point of view also, others will appreciate you for that
Emotional inclinations are very strong, but there are hidden obstacles in them, your father or elders may not understand your view point, that can be upsetting, have patience, don’t be so forceful

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