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Thursday, November 15, 2007

15th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Emotions marriage relationships stress for you in all these, concern for children may be there, all this will be resolved very soon, you think that problems are permanent but that is not so
Family issues may cause upsets and problems, issues connected with your abilities knowledge or skills, all this needs improvement, generally a weak period
Weakness in converting a friendship into an emotional affair, you have to see these weaknesses with a clever eye, it may not lead to marriage also
Think again about giving money to some family relation, it may not come back, if you have to do a charity then give that money but don’t expect its refund, it may cause psychological upsets in you
Continue your studies where you live, thinking for going away for that may not help, foreign connections are best avoided at this time, it may spoil your focus and nothing may be achieved
Foreign residence is not recommended, if away form home then this is the time to return, too many pressures on you, biggest weakness is that you are too confused
Financial matters under pressure, gains of money is there as well as loses and outflows are high, a balance is needed to safeguard this situation, you wish to work hard for growth in life, don’t think, get going
Career may be weak, pressures are there, you are trying to stagnant also, old issues or concerns may come back, you have to keep a very careful attitude and think what is the best path for you
Happiness from work will be more than what lucky circumstances may give you, luck supports only those who work for it, avoid differences at work place, you may be in a mood to waste or spend money
Mild pressures may appear in your professional situation, your boss may be against you and he may also try to harm you, be very careful, but psychologically you are suffering more than what this period has to say
You are ignoring your relationships, that is the weakness of this period, this may bring up those routine matters which are not important, this is a reaction to the lack of care which you have for others
Health concerns, take care of skin, nerves heart and even any kind of fever, take proper treatment from the doctor, don’t ignore your health, your involvement towards work will give you lot of satisfaction

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