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Saturday, November 17, 2007

17th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Excellent concentration/focus towards career development and self-improvement, but your efforts are erratic, simplicity of thoughts and hard work is the key to success in this world
Very stable period for you, luck favors you in every way, inclination towards spiritualism enhances that further, ups and downs of thinking if you are planning for any major change
Stressful period because you are thinking only about problems, don’t be too tense, think about the other side of the picture, that will bring a lot of peace in you
Focus towards relationships, still differences of opinion, in personal as well as in professional matters, from your side there is no deficiency, hence you cannot do more than that
Conflicts connected with money to be controlled, for receiving money or for giving money, uneasiness both ways, avoid conflicts, be calm, that is good for your health also
Weakness in your efforts towards studies, even in relationships, distance makes you indifferent, still your focused thinking will help you, by afternoon some pressures on your profession will be there
Home and family matters are well placed, there is overall auspiciousness connected with your thoughts, luck is also supportive, finances are stable, all this will give you happiness
Generally stable period, your own thinking is erratic, especially towards the evening you will think of extremes, that can upset your plans don’t be confused about home and family, nothing is wrong
You think that there are some financial pressures but I feel that God is kind on you, your needs will be met, emotional affairs have lots of ups and downs, that needs to be controlled
Good period for your psychological well being, some family and financial issues may bother you in the evening, generally you are happy and there are no real issues to upset you
You are tense and uneasy, expenses are high, work hard towards your career, try to gain knowledge, that will improve your performance also
Financial prosperity, giving or taking loans is indicated, even repayment of loans for some, generally auspicious period with no real worries, God is kind

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