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Sunday, November 18, 2007

18th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

This week gives you confusions and dissatisfactions, follow the path which is without ups and downs, financial position is gradually improving, that gives you satisfaction, by midweek that strength will emerge
Any confused decision connected with career will not be good, indecision will not help, you are doing well, there is no weakness, psychological confusions must be controlled
Luck does not favor you in these times, but your hard work will, protect yourself from differences with boss in this week, you have to show your strength of knowledge, that will make you comfortable at your work place
Generally weak period, but this weakness is created by you yourself, despite focus towards emotions and relationships you will have unhappiness in that, your strength lies in your friends, take their help
Improve your involvement towards home family and spouse, that will make your spouse very caring for you, gains from property and family is well indicated
Stressful period, in the beginning of week stress of work, later health related problems, expenses may bother you, but your needs will be met fully and adequately
Very lucky financial inflows, your involvement towards your emotions and relationships can fulfill your desires, but you have to be fair in your thinking, don’t try to cheat in your emotions, that can be very unfortunate
Stable period for profession, worries for home and family, professional commitment will give reasons to grow and smile, you are already on the verge of converting your knowledge into financial gains, year 2008 will prove beneficial for that
Weak period, ups and downs in emotions, don’t be confused, devote time towards your work, lot of improvement will be seen from December, have patience, avoid differences with boss
Financial pressures, concerns for taking or repaying loans, property matters nee careful handling, avoid conflicts, that will cause financial stress also
Very favorable period for profession and business, don’t be confused without any cause, students are doing well, erratic involvement does not help, regularity is important
Avoid confrontation with boss or anyone important in your profession, stay calm, otherwise you will be put to loss, invest in business in this period for long term gains

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