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Monday, November 26, 2007

26th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are trying to relies your own weakness, this self realization can do wonders, then you will avoid your own mistakes, the biggest weakness is that you are not consistent in your efforts, stay focused don’t be erratic
You know that your partner causes loss to you, still you have to work with your partner, you cannot avoid it, if you cause a dispute then you will be a loser, your strength is in your career, you are not devoting enough time towards that
You will gain even from disputes, but that is a very negative thought, you should rather have positive outlook towards life, your financial gains are excellent, your profession is stable, there is no need to get into problems, your partners can be very supportive
You are trying to concentrate on your career, but it is not helping you, there are weaknesses, ups and downs, even losses, some conflicts with elders are appearing, that will cause unhappiness, have patience
Luck favors you in your prosperity, your knowledge and hard work can bring further improvement in that, despite all this you are under pressure, that spoils your effort in work, psychologically also that keeps you stressed,
Weak period, you are worried for the constant obstacles which you face, they keep on coming back, your thinking is not towards work but only towards earning wealth, money cannot get everything, friends will also betray you, assess your weaknesses and strengths
Very lucky period, everything is stable, but don’t take risks, don’t make needless changes, protect your self form losses, this kind of patience and care is needed at this time
Stressful period, frustrations and dissatisfactions, but they are connected with health and personal matters, profession is stable, your hard work is reflected, it will be appreciated also
You are stable and God is kind, partnerships relationships happiness all these are indicated for you, but you are mentally uneasy, why don’t you discuss your issues and worries, facing them alone can be more distressing
Weak period, family maters are stressful, differences in work place, both are interlinked, you are carrying the tensions of one place to the other, both a office and home are suffering, avoid any kind of conflict at this stage, listen to others
Your focus is only on emotions relationships family and marriage, you are confused also, you lack direction, depend on others for support or advice
Generally happy and stable period for you, pressures of family can still be there, profession or business is very strong now, it will give you good gains, don’t ignore proper accounting if business is growing

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