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Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Dissatisfactions in home, family and children, you are trying to involve well, but the favourable results are not flowing yet, protect your self from whatever is going on at your back in office
Excellent period for professional stability, your focus towards hard work will further improve this condition, some kind of internal politics may bother you at your work place, protect your self from unknown and hidden factors
Finances are strong but ups and downs in life are still there, your efforts and your children efforts are erratic, family happiness is stable, try to derive happiness from that
Inflow of money is good, but your needs are bigger, that is where you feel the pressure, gains from property can be there, but investment in property may be stressful, your focus towards life is very positive
Weak period, dissatisfactions are there, profession is stable, your commitment towards work is good, but conflicts need to be controlled, health is a concern which keeps you uneasy, take care
You are generally happy, but some concerns bother you, expenses are connected with your children education or health, some of these expenses may go waste also, because there is lack of planning
Excellent period, professional focus is good, you have all kinds of gains from your knowledge and your sanchit karmas, these are the factors which give steep rise in life, God is kind on you
Very auspicious and lucky period, your hard work is reflected in the chart, but you are a little uneasy, many factors can be there, main factor is the confusions of your mind, try to control that
Career is strong, there is nothing to worry, avoid any dispute connected with money, don’t be psychologically under stress, it is generally good period and there is no need for that stress
Period of obstacle sand concerns, career is under stress, emotions are giving concerns, you partner is very supportive in this weak period, have faith in your partner and gain from that support
Health concerns can be there, especially if there is any deficiency or weakness in diagnosis or tests, business profits are stable, in your job your abilities are good, minor concerns of job need to be ignored
Protect your finances from loss or monetary conflicts, there can be hidden factors which may cause upsets, profession is very stable, that is your strength, but health needs care

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