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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your emotions are suffering, your relationships are suffering, you have doubts in your self as well as in others, money power cannot buy you relationships, if you have that thinking then you have to change it, take care of your father also
Family matters are under stress, you are depressed on account of that, career is stable and there is no worry connected with that, You think that financial problems are there but that is not true, you will not face any problems
Lack of involvement and efforts can upset your relationships even studies can be under pressure, average situation unless you realize this, give importance to the thinking and views of your spouse
Financial matters are under stress, more so if you are investing in some property, you may have to raise loans, that can keep you under stress, some confusions connected with career also, overall weak period
You dream a lot but convert those into reality, that shows lack of performance, your financial needs will be met by support from others and your borrowings, either way it is a divine blessing only
Wasteful expenses can bother you, even far off linkages can be upsetting, career is under pressure, some hidden problems can bother you
Financial gains are good to give happiness, your hard work will give positive rewards, avoid being too sensitive and touchy, that can harm you only, have a flexible attitude in life, that will benefit you
Career under stress, but nothing wrong will happen, luck favors you, your own focus is positive, weak periods do not last long, you cannot stop at this stage, you have to move ahead and achieve so much more
Luck will not favor you, hard work will, emotional inclination will give you happiness, but confusions may still be there, it is a period to keep patience, very fast developments will take place to give you happiness from about December
Obstacles cannot harm your profession, hence ignore them, don’t be uneasy, God is kind in many ways, your own mistakes will also turn to your advantage
You wish to do so much for your spouse and your marital relation, but your lack of trust causes upsets, your attitude is slowly becoming positive, it will give results also gradually, hence have patience
Don’t depend on borrowings, there may be upsets in achieving them, procedural aspect may take more time, your career is on the verge of major upswing, try to benefit from it, from your side make efforts now

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