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Monday, November 5, 2007

5th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Conflicts may appear in your relationships, despite warning signals you could not take adequate precautions, still there is time to work on that, try to protect upsets in your relationships
Handle property matters with care and patience, your studies are also not progressing well, your efforts are not enough, your career is stable and that is a divine blessing, then what is your contribution
Avoid emotional relationships, it is not recommended in this period, your own attitude is very lethargic, because of that there can be professional differences, try to avoid differences in office and in family
Trying to invest in property, take another opinion, don’t act in haste, the decision needs to be reconsidered, hidden factors may bother you, students need to work hard, there is lot of weakness because of your mindset
You are totally disinterested, this is showing in view of lack of involvement, some losses or expenses also bother you, career is stable with no worries
Your finances are under pressure, your expenses are mounting and they can cause upsets, that can make you uneasy also, in health issues take proper treatment or get proper investigations, don’t spend without proper planning
Weak period for many reasons, but luck is now supporting you all over again, financial pressures are there, have patience, lot so things will come under control in coming days
Profession is weak and you are too stressed, some confusions are of your own making, you are trying to involve towards your well, but the circumstances are weak, protect your self form hidden intrigues
Generally stable period, not many concerns, luck may not favor you as much, but professional gains are indicated, you are confused about the opprotuntieis for travels also
You are stressed for profession, lot of good improvements are in the offing, financial stress may continue but professional improvement will grow now
Family and marriage can be the area of focus, you have to do a lot so that these concerns are kept under control, career business finances are stable, but family matters are weak
Weak period for health, disputes need to be controlled, don’t get into conflict with any government issue or with any important person, even marital issues require careful handling

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