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Monday, November 12, 2007

12th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Confusions and dissatisfactions may lead to unhappiness in marriage or relationships, that needs to be avoided, from your side you are trying to involve well, but it is not enough, you must have a positive attitude towards life
Financial matters and property matters needs better care, emotions have to be nurtured, try to reduce the distance if you want relationship to grow, don’t think about marriage, that is far away
You are thinking about family and emotions, that focus is strong, marriage still needs care and protection, avoid differences at work place, those differences cannot make you happy
Travels movements change of place even change of residence or property all this activated, if it is for studies or growth of children then consider it, otherwise don’t be uneasy, stay happy, God is providing this blessing
Financial inflows are indicated, good and stable period, you want alternatives in life, but don’t make any decision without proper planning, because if you really think then it is not required also
Career gives you good gains, business needs care, sudden and wasteful expenses can be there, despite professional gains there may be lot of stress on you, that needs to be moderated
If you earn well then you must spend well, that is the thinking which you have, there is nothing wrong and there is nothing right in this world, it all depends on the situation, still luck is on your side
Pressures on you, stay focused, leave all other thoughts, involve your self in work, work so much as if there is no tomorrow, that is your answer to the pressures on you
Lucky and stable period, you are worried for foreign connections, but that is a temporary worry, you will be out of it, travels can be auspicious for you
Mixed period, pressures are of your own making, profession is average but it is stable, your hard work will give you lot of gains, financial pressures are there
Profession is stable, but routine pressures are there, business is stable, and you are happy with investment and profits, family and marriage needs lot of care from your side
Family and marital pressures, health is a concern also, career is stable, there are confusions connected with property and investments

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