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Thursday, November 8, 2007

8th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are trying to help others, whether they are family members or outsiders, but they are not appreciating your care, you continue to do your duty, leave the rest to God
Emotions and relationships are under stress, because you are only thinking about money, there is more to life than money alone, your children need your care and support
It is important to take care of your own self, especially if there is any related issue, take care of your health, from health angle as well as literally, emotions included
Don’t have any rigid attitude connected with your profession that can cause upsets towards the stability of your career, as such there is financial stress any job setback can cause more problems, take care
Generally lucky period, family is supportive, profession is stable, children are doing fine, there is overall happiness and prosperity
Profession under stress, that can cause problems in your financial position also, confusions and dissatisfactions in your career will not help, change that attitude
Very auspicious period from every angle, abundant happiness and stability, you have to maintain this goodness by being thankful to God don’t try to invest by taking loans, avoid that
Stressful period, you are yourself responsible for these tensions, losses can be there, avoid any kind of gambling or risking your money in any speculative deals, hidden upsets can be there to cause stress
Stable period, happiness from far off places profession is stable and happy emotions are strong, they can also give happiness in life
Career is stable and your focus is very positive, but avoid disputes, that can turn negative and cause upsets in your career, , this period requires lot of patience and lot of peaceful coexistence
Stable period especially for finances business knowledge studies, your own efforts can improve all this further, don’t depend on luck, it is not required also
Good period for home family property investments, but weak period for psychological ups and downs, health is another concern, you are ignoring that

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