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Saturday, November 3, 2007

3rd November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Getting dissatisfied about circumstances will not help, improve your knowledge, emotional affairs are weak, can give upsets, you want to convert relationships into marriage, but many things are still hidden
Family and property conflicts can upset you, career is stable, create a balance between the two, avoid differences, don’t get into conflicts, stay happy and involve with children
Excellent focus towards home and family, you have lot of happiness which is blessing of God, if you are away or traveling then this period will bring you back home, finances are stable
Financial pressures may build up because your commitments are high, even routine expenses are high, travels plans are erratic, plan for that properly, don’t be depressed in your attitude
Lot of weakness, you are confused and uneasy, God is kind to give you financial stability, spouse is supportive, but you are dissatisfied, gains form family or property are indicated, avoid conflicts in home and family
Profession is stable and happy, financial front is weak, there can be losses and financial stress, for that reason professional stress can also arise, lot of patience is required, by evening many problems will be resolved
Dissatisfactions connected with finances, it is weak period, postpone expenses, but your expenses are uncontrollable, such weak periods leave you uneasy and unhappy
Weak period for career, period of pressures and stress, you have to work hard to fight these forces, financial stability is ensured but that is not enough, if you are under work related stress then nothing else gives you happiness
Financial stability but you are not happy, professional growth is very good, but financial rewards are not matching, that is only partially true, it is more of a mindset that you are not satisfied
Weak period because you are not happy, financial pressures are there, profession continues to be weak, fight the adverse situation of intrigues against you, that causes lot of pressures
Devote time towards spouse, your involvement towards home is there but it confused and not total, your spouse also must understand this importance, that only will give happiness in life
Stress is building because you are not taking enough care, you have many reasons to be happy, then why do you keep creating stress for your self

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