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Sunday, November 11, 2007

11th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

The week may start with some uneasiness, that may connected with health or finances, by mid-week slight improvement, stressful week for many reasons, relationships are also under stress, that needs care
Some worries for career, but these are made up in the mind, generally you have done well, some internal politics is always there, but that is not serious, best indication is that all these issues are coming to an end
Unexpected issues connected with your efforts, you may be questioned for not doing enough, your performance is under scanner, that is the hidden issue, the solution is to improve your efforts, you cannot do that at this stage, at least pretend to do so
Slightly weak period, obstacles and expenses, pressure on finances because inflows are restricted and outflows are more, on top of that you are losing your self confidence, that will have to be improved
Beginning of week stressful because health issues are there, from Monday fianc├ęs strong to give you happiness, improve your own mistakes and attitudes, this period is showing weaknesses
Sunday may be the day of rest, from Monday you are getting too involved in your work, generally there are pressures on you and on your profession, but your focus is right and God is kind, they what is the need for worries
Stable period, no issues, no worries, only dissatisfactions about your profession, those thoughts are also not valid, astrologically only your expenses are high, if in business then protect yourself from losses
Concerns about profession, self created mistakes, luck does not favor you, don’t be depressed, have courage, you will be out of these problems within a week
I don’t see any problems for you in this period, you may be uneasy on account of some foreign connection, but his is not valid, you are thinking too much, friends can supportive and helpful
Finances may be stuck, you are worried for that, keep patience, even if loses are there you can make only positive efforts, entering into disputes will not help, avoid that
Don’t look for any change in career, stay connected with what you are doing, confusions may continue, but you are doing fine from your side, there is no big worry, small issues may be there
Expenses and outflows, you cannot control them, raising loans may be caught in procedural problems, profession is stable and happy, God is kind, don’t worry

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