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Saturday, November 24, 2007

24th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Students are not doing well in studies, that is a cause for concern, having false self confidence will not help, your erratic efforts is the reason for this poor performance, how much luck can help you, hence don’t depend on luck
Family happiness is ensured, you are caring for your spouse and family, but some differences will keep you under tensions, try to resolve those also, your self confidence can actually help you in life, career growth is also because of that
Weak period, conflicts and differences, even with boss, all this because you are trying to show your superiority, that can lead to problems for you, family is very supportive to you in this period
Children need funds for their education, your focus has to be for that, with your help your children will progress well, they are a bit confused at this moment, they need direction, you have to provide that
Gains from family are indicated, your forcefulness in career can be good but it should not lead to wrong decisions, don’t have any stiff attitude, don’t get into conflicts because of that
Weak period, luck not favoring you although you are depending only on that, travels can be stressful, but you are too determined in your attitude, some obstacles in career need to be resolved, but mellow down your attitude, that will be beneficial for you
Financial inflows stable, self created mistakes in career, even tensions with boss can be there, most importantly you have to protect your self from losses
Career is stable, God is kind, very favorable period for your overall well being is there, emotions can be strong, they can lead to financial gains also, you have abundant blessings of your elders
Emotional conflicts, even stress at work place, don’t be too rigid in your attitude, that can cause differences at work place, this is the time for you to be magnanimous, understand the needs of others
Emotional inclinations are apparently strong but hidden obstacles can cause upsets, don’t expect miracles God has destined something else for you, your thoughts are not important Gods wishes will prevail
Family issues are very confusing, protect your self from differences of opinion, that can reflect negativities in your working conditions also, business partnerships can give you gains in this period
Even disputes and differences can lead to gains it is a very favorable period, weak conditions can turn to your advantage, profession is very strong and stable, avoid disputes connected with finances

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