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Friday, November 9, 2007

9th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Financial position is strong and stable, profits from business are related to your abilities. But you wish to achieve much more, that is why you are dissatisfied, don’t encourage partnerships in business
Profession is stable but you carry lot of conflicts in your mind, control these ups and downs, be calm otherwise you will have conflicts in family, in emotions and even in financial matters
Your focus towards studies is good, depending on luck will not give you success, think about one thing at a time, you are thinking about making money, whereas studies and gain of knowledge is suffering, moderate that focus
Involvement towards family can bring happiness, avoid taking any change of place, that will lead to confusions and uneasiness, financial position continues to be under stress, don’t worry, soon this will improve
You think a lot, but don’t translate those thoughts into reality, you are not motivated enough, lethargy has come in you, in business you are not satisfied with the attitude of partners
You get motivated with money, this period supports you for that, commitment towards work will give you excellent rewards, savings are not enough to give you happiness, taker care of health
Stable period, worried for children their gains settlement or marriage, time has come to achieve all that, have faith in God, you have his blessings in abundance
You are worried for home and property but there is nothing as bad as you think, it is a stressful period alright, but you are increasing that stress by thinking too much about it
Stable period for career and financial gains, you are dissatisfied because you think that you are not achieving enough in life, don’t count your weaknesses, count your virtues, only then you will be happy
Career is stable, but you are under stress, whey, you don’t know yourself, you think someone will cheat you, or something bad is going to happen to you, don’t carry such negative thoughts, be positive in life
Financial position is stable, career is strong, your friends are supportive, you are uneasy because you are passing through that influence uneasiness of mind will not help in any way
Very weak period, outflows losses or disputes all these can disturb you, must avoid differences in marriage, your partner can be very supportive in such a weak period

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