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Thursday, November 29, 2007

29th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Favorable period for your career, but there is need to learn more, your boss can be critical in his attitude, your lack of performance can cause upsets also, hence you have to be careful, you are being too lethargic in this period
Career shapes up very well, your efforts will give excellent rewards, your focus is pointed towards work, that is the best indication to see, even if you are dissatisfied with monetary inflows don’t worry, just ignore that
Some obstacles connected with travels, don’t get into arguments, that can lead to problems, your involvement is not enough, there is scope for improvement, a little effort from your side can improve your circumstances beautifully
Financial stress, but it is self created, carelessness in profession can cause this kind of stress, you think that you are focused, but hidden carelessness is there
Health concerns require proper investigation and treatment, there may be some wasteful expenses also, you are under pressure for these reasons, your financial needs will however be met adequately
Stressful period, your expenses outflows losses will bother you, you are trying to improve your efforts but your efforts are erratic, and that will not help, you career has hidden obstacles which needs to be controlled
Excellent period for financial gains, your abilities will give you results, your life is taking a turn for the better, family support, financial gains positive, your attitude is positive that will give you rewards, just wait
Favorable and stable period, career is stable, routine obstacles can be there, financial prosperity is like a blessing, but still lot of pressure on you, you have more work and responsibilities than what you can handle
Mental stress of far off linkages, whether it is connected with work or relationships, hence keep a lot of patience, getting uneasy will not help, you have the strength of patience with you
Weak period, self created mistakes, you are too confused, you also don’t take considered decisions, differences with spouse needs to be controlled
Stress connected with health and relationships, expenses on account of that also, most of it is because there is lack of trust, that is something which needs to be improved
Health concerns as you are not taking care, money is not everything, there is more to life than merely earning money, devote time wit family and relations, career is stable it has its own strength

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