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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20th November 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Weak period, emotions suffer, studies erratic, obstacles are there, you are trying to resolve all these issues but results are not coming, have patience, devote time towards your responsibilities
Your emotional desires do not match those of your spouse, that causes differences, you want more money even at the cost of relationships, you will gain from family, finances are stable, then why spoil relations
Profession is strong, avoid conflicts just because you think that you are right, no one is wrong in this world, you are not wrong, the other person is also not wrong, but your views do not match, have patience, don’t fight
Luck will favor you, blessings will benefit you, financial gains are strong, expenses losses or needless changes can upset all that, spiritual inclinations will bring peace to you
You are under pressure, avoid stress, that can harm your interests, your focus towards family is good, but you are still uncomfortable, personal matters take priority, but don’t ignore your career
Your focus is on travels or movement, professional and financial gains are dependant on that, but your efforts are not stable, you will have to perform better to gain in life, involvement towards family will give you happiness
Avoid financial conflicts, try to resolve the issues with patience, risk of loss is there, even in professional matters have patience, otherwise conflicts will arise
Excellent focus towards career knowledge and finances, financial pressures will still be there, your children will benefit with your involvement, a strong periods starts soon for you as well as for your family
Psychologically you are not sure as to what is right for you, her is nothing to worry, profession and finances are stable, boss needs to be handled better, avoid any stiff attitude, that can be a mistake
Unstable period, problems and expenses, financial pressures can lead to disputes, in business also care is needed, if business needs funds then don’t hesitate to borrow
Excellent period for financial gains, partners will also be supportive, shed uneasiness as that can lead to loss, trust others, that is important
Very auspicious period, it is gradually getting better, home and family needs funds as well as care, don’t ignore small things, real happiness is in small things of life

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